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This website is dedicated to all the loving fans of this once treasured restaurant. It's devastating to see a place with so much passion put into it gone. We're archiving any form of media that we can find so that everyone can cherish it forever!

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Noob Entertainment was a company founded in 1979 by William Afton and Henry Emily. They both made the company to indulge in two of their favorite passions: family friendly fun, and cutting edge animatronic technology!

Their first restaurant, "Biggerhead's Diner", was a huge success, and even garnered enough money to make a TV show! Unfortunately in 1983 there was an incident with the Biggerhead animatronic and Afton's son, which caused the place to close down.

Their SECOND restaurant, "Noob's Pizza", was made in 1985 after a company rebranding. it was very short-lived, only lasting a couple of months due to unknown dissapearances.

They then opened a restaurant in 1993, called "NOOB'S BLOXXIN", which was made to be a complete overhaul from Noob's Pizza. it had much more excitement, games, and even more delicious food! The place ended up permanently closing down because of an explosion from a car that drove straight into the building.

While Noob's Bloxxin was opened, the company made a separate restaurant as an alternative and opened it in 1997 after the incident, called "Noob's JR's." This restaurant was also short-lived due to another accident with an animatronic, this time with a worker.

UNUSED Noob's Bloxxin Sign! (Found in scrapped commercial)

Noob's Advertisement screen recording


The Noob's cartoon was a TV series that only aired in some specific TV channels. It is usually considered lost media, with only rare amounts of images and a video proving its existence.

Noob's Cartoon Early Concepts (bad quality)

Noob Cartoon Screen recording


Drawing of Noob that was Recovered from the 1993 restaurant!

Sketches of the "Monitor" character.

A promotional snippet of Jack the Wolf and Noob shaking hands from the early nineties!

Scan of a kid's poster recovered from the 1993 restaurant.

The ORIGINAL Noob's Bloxxin sign that was still up until the incident regarding the place.

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